Technical Drawing

Medina of Sousse

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Sousse is a historical mosque located in the Medina of Sousse, Tunisia. It was constructed during the rule of Aghlabid Dynasty under the commission by Amir Abu al-’Abbas Muhammad al-Aghlabi. The mosque went under renovation and improvisation several times during the 10th and 17th centuries AD. Finally, in 1988, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a part of Medina of Sousse.

The Ribat of Sousse

The ribat of Sousse is the most ancient Muslim monument in North Africa. It is because, the Ribat is the oldest and most typical surviving example of the ribat typology as it existed in medieval North Africa. It was during the ninth and tenth centuries to accommodate both military and religious functions.The fortress of Ribat was used to keep an eye on the enemies as it  enabled light signals to be used for communication at the time. But nowadays, you can climb to the peak and enjoy a spectacular view of the whole Medina of Sousse.

Medina Park

Medina Park is a green space located outside the wall near the west gate of Medina of Sousse known as Bab El Gharbi.Medina Park is an active area where people can stop by after park their vehicles behind the Bab El Gharbi. Bab El Gharbi is the main gate to access Medina of Sousse which is built up from stone material.

Sidi Yahia Square

Sidi Yahia marabout is a small building located at the entrance of Bab Bhar. Hence, this is why this area is known as Sidi Yahia square.These days, Sidi Yahia marabout is used as a public library where people can easily stop by because of the strategic location.The square is located at the main entrance of the Medina of Sousse called Bab Bhar which means the Gate of Sea.