Image by Noelle Guirola

The Timeless Haven


 Located in the centre of Tunisia in a plain at an almost equal distance from the sea and the mountain,Khairouan is the most ancient Arabo-Muslim base of the Maghreb (670 AD) and one of its principal holy cities. Capital of Ifriqiya for five centuries,it was a place of outstanding diffusion of Arabo-Muslim civilisation. Kairouan bears uniques witness to the first centuries of this civilisation and its architectural and urban development. The inscibed site is a serial property that includes the medina an and its suburbs,the Basins of the Aghlabids and the Zawiya of Sidi Sahib. The medina (54 ha) and its suburbs (20 ha) are an urban ensemble presenting all the components of an Arabo-Muslim town.

The Medina comprises juxtaposed dwellings divided into quarters separated by narrow and winding streets,it is surrounded by ramparts that extend over more than three kilometres. The layout of the suburbs is straighter and the houses have a more rural aspect. The medina contains some remarkable monuments including the Great Mosque, an architectural masterpiece that served as a model for several other maghreban mosque, the Mosque of the Three Doors that represents the most ancient existent sculpted facade of Muslim a

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